One Off Builds

Building your own home is an opportunity to leave your mark on the world and get exactly what you want from your living space. It’s an exciting opportunity to create something unique and we encourage our clients to embrace the opportunity and push the boundaries of possibility.

SpaceSix Architects: One Off Builds

We take a fresh approach to every new build house we design. We aim to marry our client’s requirements to the site and create a site-specific bespoke home.

Falling in love with the exciting spaces we create which exploit the site, the surrounding landscape and the environment will be a lasting joy.

In this age of rapid social transformation, we find that many of the buildings of the past are no longer needed for their original function, and are therefore surplus to the requirements of modern society. While this may be sad in some ways, these structures provide you with the opportunity to create new homes and offices, and help society to move on. Our architects can create sympathetic conversions that acknowledge the past whilst providing places to live and work for the future.

At Spacesix we have extensive knowledge and experience of successfully converting redundant buildings into fully-functional areas for our clients. Their wishes and desires are placed at the forefront of each project to ensure that the final product is tailored to their taste through innovation and architectural flair.

Our portfolio comprises a number of successful projects where Spacesix architects have enjoyed redeveloping redundant office spaces, disused public utility buildings, barns and steadings, as well as commercial units.

Whatever challenges the building offers, our team of experienced architects are capable of transforming it into living or working space.

Which buildings make good conversions?

Barns and agricultural buildings are the most popular structures to be converted into either homes or offices due to their large open spaces and unfussy design. Pubs, post offices and smaller agricultural buildings are a common favourite since they all inherently possess a human element that makes it easy to visualise them as potential homes.

Converting industrial buildings is rather more of a task since you might have to decontaminate the building and perhaps the vicinity. Although you may find it difficult to envisage such a transformation, our team of visionary architects enjoy the challenge of integrating new purposes into the original form.

Getting it right
Making sure that you are working with the right people is vital to successfully achieving the conversion that you desire with minimum stress. Often there are technical issues that need to be resolved involving building regulations and planning permission. Having a team of architects that are experienced in dealing with problematic areas is more likely to help make your conversion a reality.

If you are interested in converting a building into an exciting new space, then please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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