Top Tips For Converting Your Loft

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Designing a Loft Conversion From an Architect’s Perspective

Are you looking for ways to expand the space in your home that will give you an extra bedroom, bathroom, office or even living space? You may have thought about extending, however, converting an existing space can be much more affordable and a lot more practical. Before you begin any work, it is very important that you get expert advice about designing a loft conversion for your home. Below we provide a number of top tips that will help you achieve an affordable, functional and effective conversion.


Is your loft suitable to convert?


Before you begin, you must make sure your loft is suitable to convert into an extra room. Usually lofts with a minimum head height of around 2.3-2.5m are seen as fit to convert. You must be wary of objects such as boilers, water tanks and chimneys as they can impact the overall decision. If your house meets all of the relevant requirements, then usually you won’t need to apply for planning permission.


However, if your house fails to meet these requirements, don’t think that you are out of options. You can always, for example, remove parts of the roof to create more head space. This will obviously add to the overall expenses, so the last thing you want to do is get halfway through the job and be notified by your builders that they are going to have to make some changes in order to finish. No-one wants that so be smart!


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Understand the Types of Loft Conversions


It is useful to understand the different types of loft conversions that are available to you in order to achieve the right design. There are 4 main types of loft conversions that are typically found in UK homes nowadays.


1. Dormer Loft Conversion


If you are looking for the easiest way to add light to your new room and want to increase the amount of roof space, then this is the conversion type for you! It will generally require no drastic changes to you existing space.


2. Mansard Loft Conversion


A mansard conversion is typically found at the rear of the house and involves the replacement of either one or both roof slopes. They are commonly found in terraced houses. However, this type almost always requires planning permission and construction can take quite a bit of time.


3. Hip to Gable Loft Conversion


This type of loft conversion is perfect if you want your new space to blend into your existing home. These are commonly found on the side of either end-terraced or semi-detached houses. However, they do tend to be a little more expensive than a dormer or mansard conversion.


4. Roof Light Loft Conversion


This is probably the simplest of all the conversions. None of the existing space is altered, windows are added, and the flooring is updated to suit your preferences. In terms of cost, it is definitely the cheapest (up to 25% cheaper).


Contact a Professional Architect


In order to maximise the space within your loft conversion, you need to consider where you will position your furniture etc. Consider all available options then get in contact with a professional architect to help with the designs. If you haven’t got the relevant experience and decide to do it yourself, then there will be a greater chance of something going wrong. Problems that arise after the work has started are a lot harder to fix and will only add to the cost so getting the designs correct from the get go is very important!


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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency


Adding a loft conversion provides the perfect opportunity to save a little money in the long run. Although the overall project will tend to cost thousands of pounds, in terms of saving energy for the future, loft conversions require specific insulation to be installed which can help you do just that! It is basically a chance to become a little “greener” in terms of the energy you use. For example, if you are installing an en suite bathroom in your loft, then you can conserve water by having fixtures installed on the shower head etc.


Here at SpaceSix Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn your ideas into practical and efficient designs that will help change your home for the better. If you are thinking about converting your loft in the near future, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0141 354 1376 or email


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