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Spacesix Architect’s specify Icynene spray insulation throughout a proposed new build house on the Isle of Luing. The complex geometry and the vast high level wall & roof areas of the proposed new build houseleft the contractor stumped as to how the house could be insulated effectively using traditional methods. The geometry of the new build house also caused concern as to how the required levels of air tightness would be achieved through the use of tapes and membranes to meet with the technical standards. Construction time was also a major factor in the insulation of the house. The contractor estimated that the house would take 5 – 6 weeks to insulate using a rigid board insulation.

New Build House – Icynene spay insulation……

Initially Icynene spay insulation was not considered, on the basis that it was much more expensive than a rigid board insulation. However, the geometry of the house  lead the team to consider this method as an option. When the local Icynene spay insulation installer reviewed the design and stated that the entire house would be insulated within 2 days. On further comparison the cost of the material was almost totally mitigated by the time saving and resultant labour savings over the rigid board insulation.

New Build House – Further benefits……

SpaceSix Architects: Plots

There was also further benefit for the new build house. The exceptionally high levels of air tightness achieved through the use of the Icynene spay insulation resulted in the new house build performing more than 4 times better than the levels required by the technical standards. In turn the building did not require to, incorporate expensive renewable technologies into the design, such as ground source heat pumps, wind, hydrological or solar technologies.

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