How To Find A Plot For Self-Build

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Looking to build your own property but don’t know where to start? If so you have come to the right place. We know that finding land that you wish to purchase for self-build is by no means an easy task. To begin with, it can be fiercely competitive since not only are there people in the same boat as you, but there are also full time ‘land finders’ and small builders that you have to compete with. However, if you take on board our advice you will sharpen your vision. Below we have a few tips and pointers to help you get started for your search and to possibly give you an edge.

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Be able to compromise

One of the main reasons why people fail to find a building plot for themselves is because they do not keep an open mind. Not being able to compromise from the image they have in their head of their ‘dream’ plot will likely lead to failure. The reality is quite often this dream plot does not exist. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is crucial that you are able to strike a balance between ambition and reality. That is just how the game works. If you are more concerned with what the character of the house should be like instead of the requirement of the land, then you should be more flexible with the location. Our experienced architects can help you find the perfect plot and help you transform the plot into your dream home.  

Find an Area and do your research

A very important rule to finding a plot of land to self-build is to make sure that you narrow your search to a small region. Do not search for too wide an area. It is a much more prudent move to focus your attention on one small manageable region and to blitz it. If don’t you don’t do this, you will most likely find the sheer size of the task overwhelming.

Once you have identified a potential region for your plot of land, make sure that you drive down and inspect the place. Take a walk and soak in the environment. You never know, you may stumble across a hidden gem for your potential building plot.

Take into account that there are different types of plots available

To be able to find a plot that will help build the property of your dreams, it is important to think outside the box. Actually, see this as a mandatory requirement. A number of self-build plots that are on the market are packed with special planning permissions but what people don’t tend to notice is that land doesn’t always come in nice advertised packages. Use your initiative, do your research. Knowing the different types of plots available to self-build will dramatically increase your options.

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