Everything You Need To Know About Attic Conversions

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Attic conversion is the cost effective way to enhance your home space rather than buying new home or cutting extra space outside of home for building new construction. Until recently carrying out an attic conversionwas ignored by people and contractors. However, as house prices are hiked many people are turning their focus to utilising space within their existing home. If you calculate then you might be surprised that loft or attic is consuming 30% of the total floor area of your home. Therefore, when you consider the wasted space, it is extremely attractive and exceptional value for money to carry out an attic conversion.


Planning and building warrant approval is an important part of your attic conversion………

Attic conversion will require a building warrant but may not require Planning permission approval from local council. Different councils apply the national policy slightly differently and it is therefore important to check.  A good conversion can be a fantastic addition to your home.

Don’t let a building bully you into thinking you don’t require a building warrant for your attic conversion…….

Obtaining a building warrant is a vital step that you need to go through. Be very careful, there are builders out there that will lead to believe that a building warrant is not required. This is totally untrue and will be a costly omission. Any works to your home which involve altering the structure, electrical, plumbing, environmental, safety or energy usage will require a building warrant. Always consult an architect when considering an attic conversion. A typical conversion to create a bedroom and shower room will cost in the region of 25k. Obtaining a building warrant will cost in the region of 3k for an architect and structural engineer and a further £600 for the application fee! Although this may be viewed as a substantial extra expense………… it is nothing in comparison to rectifying the mistakes or shortcut that’s we regularly see! These can run into well in excess of 10k! In addition it can also cause significant problems should you wish to sell your home.

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