Your initial site visit

We will arrange a complimentary visit to discuss your bespoke project.

We will arrange a complimentary visit to discuss your project.

During your site visit

Your initial visit is designed to be a personal interactive experience where together we will determine what you want from your project. We will also provide guidance on establishing your budget

During the visit, we will explain the process and timescale for the delivery of your project.

We will advise on a number of items. These include:

  1. The requirement for other consultants where applicable i.e. structural engineer
  2. Planning polices with which your project must comply
  3. Construction methods available
  4. The use and incorporation of renewable energy technologies where appropriate

Following your site visit

Following your site visit we will issue 3 documents:

  1. Your requirements. This is your brief for the project.
  2. Your architect’s proposal. This document sets out the services you require from us and the fee for each.
  3. Your project costs. This document outlines the other costs associated with your project. e.g. typical construction rates, local authority fees for planning & building warrant, other consultants as required: structural engineer, quantity surveyor, mechanical and electrical engineer etc.
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