Your building warrant approval

It is important to understand that building warrant approval is separate from planning approval.

Building warrant approval is the approval granted by the local authority in order that a building may be constructed, extended, altered, converted or demolished.

Your building warrant submission

It is important to understand that building warrant approval is separate from planning approval. In general, terms planning approval deals with the aesthetics of a building and building warrant approval deals with the technical details of the construction.

The building warrant approval looks at 7 key areas of the building design. These are:

  1. Structure. The building’s structure and fabric.
  2. Fire. The protection of a building and life safety fire systems to protect their occupants.
  3. Environment. How buildings affect the environment and how the environment affects buildings.
  4. Safety. Ensuring that buildings are designed in such a way that they are safe for occupants both in and around the building.
  5. Noise. The control of noise within a building from room to room and the control of noise through the external fabric of the building.
  6. Energy. The insulating envelope of a building and the ability of building to efficiently use the heating, ventilation and cooling systems within them.
  7. Sustainability. The appropriate incorporation of renewable technologies within buildings.

The building warrant process also requires input from other consultants. Principally this is a structural engineer but can in some circumstances include mechanical & electrical, environmental & geotechnical and fire consultants.

Dealing with your building warrant submission

Spacesix architects have detailed knowledge of the Scottish Domestic Technical Handbook which assesses your designs in all of the above areas. We aim to ensure that the architectural elements of your building warrant submission are dealt with promptly and with a minimum of fuss.

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