Planning & listed building consent

The planning system is there to regulate and protect the appearance of our cities, towns and villages.

Planning permission is a statutory consent that you require from your local council or other interested party, in order to carry out new build, extensions or alteration works to any building. Alterations & extensions to domestic buildings in some circumstances fall within the scope of permitted development and therefore don’t require consent. We will advise clients on an individual basis if planning permission is required once we have established the scope of the works.

Architects services: The application

The planning system is there to regulate and protect the appearance of our cities, towns and villages. They assess the impact of all new developments and building projects. At a site level the planning department look at the appropriateness of a building use class for the site. The visual impact of a proposed development is also considered in terms of size, scale, massing and the materials to be used. Other factors like overshadowing, overlooking and neighbour representations also have to be evaluated.

Part of the planning process will involve statutory consultees. Statutory consultees will be notified by the planning department of a proposed development and they will be invited to comment as necessary. In Scotland the statutory consultees include: Transport Scotland, Scottish Water, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish National Heritage & Historic Scotland.

Once an application has been submitted the planning department have a statutory 8 week period to consider and determine all local applications and 12 weeks to determine those classed as either of major or national importance. It should also be noted that applications of major and national importance have in addition a statutory 12 week pre-application period which must be formally notified to the planning authority.

Architects services: The planning decision

At Spacesix architects, we are proud of our 99.9 per cent success rate in securing planning consent. A significant factor in this great record is our policy of never submitting a project for planning permission until we have held detailed pre-application discussions with the area planning officer. This step frequently alerts us to potential problem areas at an early stage, allowing us to find a solution that will save your time and your money and maximise your chances of success.

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