Measured Survey

We will carry out a full measured survey of the existing building.

We will arrange a site visit to carry out a full measured survey of the existing building or a topographical survey for new sites.

Architects services: During the survey

Where works are being proposed to alter or extend an existing building we will carry out a full measured survey of the existing building. We will also record the position and location where visible of any utilities and services such as water, gas, electrical etc. The purpose of the survey is to produce a base set of information of the physical nature of the existing building. The survey is not a condition survey and does not identify or detail any defects.

With new build projects we commission the 3rd party usually Sigma surveys or Loys Surveys to carryout out a topographical survey of the site. The topographical survey will identify and locate all visible physical features such as boundaries, buildings, trees & planting and surface finishes etc. It will also identify all visible utilities such as water, gas, electrical and communications equipment. The topographical survey will also pick up all the site levels which will be critical when producing a design.

In both cases the physical survey work usually takes between 4 – 8 hours on site. In some cases depending on the size and complexity of the building or site, this may take longer. However, we will advise prior to the works commencing.

In some cases, clients already have measured survey information. However, we can only use this information provided it is in AutoCAD format and the client is willing to accept all liability for the quality of the information provided.

Architects services: Following the survey

The survey information will be drawn up in AutoCAD format with 2 weeks and a PDF set of the drawings will be e-mailed to the client for record.

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