Detail Design & Tender

The tender specifies all of the internal building finishes that you need to price your project.

The detail design is a section of work that is required to complete the picture before all of the documentation can be issued to contractors willing to price the works.

Architects services: Completing the picture

By the time a project gets to this stage the design is at an advanced state and the majority of decisions have been made. However at this point we need to specify all of the internal building finishes. In order to do this we prepare a room by room, space by space finishes schedule. This document details everything from wall, floor & ceiling finishes to skirtings, light fitting, ironmongery etc. It also identifies specialist items like furniture, shelving, kitchen and bathroom fitting. The document also states what items if any are to be client supplied.

Finally to complete the story we produce a schedule of works. The schedule of works is essentially a step by step guide of everything that has to be done in order to complete the works. This document becomes a bible if you like in which the tendering contractors will follow in order to price a project.

Architects services: Issuing the Tender

All of the documents: survey information, the approved planning & building warrant drawings, specifications, the finishes schedule, the schedule of works and all others consultants information is packaged up and issued to at least 3 tendering contractors along with the tender return date. The tender package also contains details on the proposed form of building contract for the project. On return of the tender we review each contractor’s submission and prepare a report to the client in order for the client to make a decision on which contractor to appoint.

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