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Plan on building a new home? Do you want to improve the home you are living in? Do you want to build a block of flats, offices or a commercial building? There are different requirements needed for different types of structures. The paperwork is different, fees are different, permissions and plans are different, but one thing they all have in common is the need to appoint an Architect.

Appoint an Architect – or not?………..

Some may argue that you don’t have to appoint an architect and that you can do it with an engineer alone or by yourself………. and they are right! You don’t have to appoint an architect. However, you need understand that the work of an Architect does not stop at design. Architects are there through the whole construction process, from planning & design to tendering to over-seeing the construction. So if you don’t appoint an architect you will have to be confident that you or the person, you have put in charge to deliver your project fully understand the role of an architect. Failure to understand this will cost you money far in excess of the cost to appoint an architect

hiring an architect

Architects are noted for their skills, knowledge and participation in all building types. So when you’re going to appoint an architect for their professional and specialist knowledge, make sure you appoint the right architect for your construction job?

How do you find the right architect?

Appoint an Architect – useful steps:……………

  1. Decide on what kind of an architect you’re looking for “Are you looking for an expert in home restoration, a green architect or an architect who specialises in contemporary homes”?
  2. Make sure your architect is an “architect”…….check their qualifications
  3. Make a list of potential architects you could work with, and then check out their portfolios.
  4. Check their availability and request an initial meeting.
  5. Ask for references and look into information about them over the net.
  6. When you meet tell them what you want and make sure they understand your needs and are willing to do the work.
  7. Make sure you discuss all costs and the stages required.

Remember architect’s study for 7 years to become experts in the interpretation and translation of your requirements.  Poses detailed knowledge of both the planning and building warrant legislation. Be up to date with construction techniques and assist the contractors to deliver your dreams.

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