The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Architect

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The Advantages of Hiring an Architect

When it comes building a new house or even extending your current one, the advantages of hiring an architect to help are endless. It is estimated that around 75% of people spend most of their lifetime indoors, meaning the majority of your most special memories are made within the place you call home. Given this importance, designing a new home or extension can be a very stressful process for most people. So why not hire an architect to ease some of the stress or perhaps take it all away? Here at SpaceSix Design, we devote ourselves to helping others achieve their dream homes. These are some of the major advantages of hiring an professional architect.


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Expert Knowledge and Guidance

To a lot of people, building a new home can feel like a full-time job – i.e. decisions have to be made, laws have to be followed and copious amounts of paperwork has to be filed before you can even receive planning permission! Architects have years of experience dealing with this (not to mention their comprehensive knowledge on the building process) and can help speed up the procedure.


In addition, architects can not only make this process easier, but they will make the home much easier to build, make somewhat impossible designs achievable and due to their expert design knowledge, reduce the chance of construction delays. Architects are employed to make sure your ideas are designed in a safe and effective way. In other words, unless you possess the specific knowledge for what you want to build, running the risk of designing something that does not have a solid foundation to function effectively can be a very bad idea. At SpaceSix Design, we are not here to take over the design process, we simply provide our expertise to help you achieve what you desire without all the stress and potential risks!


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Experience with Contract Negotiation and Design

Am I able to trust these people to build my dream home? Is their building experience adequate? Will I be left with multiple errors once they are finished? All of these are common questions people ask themselves when selecting a contractor. Finding the right contractor to build your home or extension can be a very difficult decision. At the end of the day, they are responsible for building your dream, so you MUST be able to trust them.


This is where hiring an architect can come to your advantage as they will tend to have experience with various construction firms. Architects regularly review contracts and bids from construction companies which allow them to recommend the best and perhaps more importantly, point out the ones which do not necessarily have the client’s best interests at heart. Architects are able to handle these negotiations on your behalf.


Error-Free Designs

The worst thing that you could possibly to is design something with various errors. That would just cause endless problems which could result in a lot of debt. This is one of the main advantages of hiring an architect. They are able to use their expert knowledge to draw up highly detailed and accurate designs which ultimately reduce errors. Architects can also help with the selections of materials which can go a long way in minimising your budget. Everyone jumps at the chance to save a bit of cash so hiring an architect will do exactly that!


Well-designed homes can also be more profitable to the client in the long term. An architect designed house can provide a beautifully designed living environment as well as result in a greater return on your investment. Our staff at SpaceSix are highly trained and regularly keep up to date with the best practices for design.

A lot of residents in the UK do not get the chance to design and build their own house – it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you need to make sure you get it right!


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